8 Mental Health Practices to Support the Keto Lifestyle

Sheila Johnson of wellshelia.net

As critical as recipes and ingredients are to health and well-being, the keto way of life is not complete until you prioritize self-care. And we’re not talking about going to the spa now and then.

Self-care means fostering your overall wellness, and your mental health plays a crucial role. That’s why Keto Kooking has listed these eight creative ways to start boosting your mental health today!

1. Hit the books          

If you hate your job, you can give yourself a severe mental health boon by changing careers. Why not do something you’ve never done before? Whether it means working for another employer in a different industry or starting your own company, now could be the time for you to take the leap.

If you choose to go this route, you may need to pursue a degree in your desired field. Fortunately, online universities offer flexible programs that allow you to study at your own pace so that you can manage all of your other life responsibilities. Plus, online college is typically affordable.

2. Write to yourself

If you’re like most people, you have plenty of thoughts and emotions to express. One outlet is to write in a journal each day. Dedicate 10 or 15 minutes to write about whatever you want, and freely vent your emotions onto the page. You could even write about your self-care goals and the progress you’re making.

3. Make kindness rocks

Did you know that kindness rocks are not just for kids? Go outside and gather a few stones from your backyard. Then, draw fun images and write encouraging messages with a paint pen.

Once you have a few kindness rocks prepared, take a walk through the neighborhood and leave them on people’s doorsteps. Not only can this activity improve your neighbor’s day, but it can also boost your mental health!

4. Get plants         

Houseplants can go a long way in improving your home’s interior appeal. But they can also boost indoor air quality.

Air-purifying plants can boost well-being, enhance concentration, and even improve memory retention. Consider scattering some native houseplants in your home office and primary living areas.

5. Clean your house

Clutter and mess bring stress. Take a weekend to declutter your home and give it a thorough cleaning, and you will feel the stress and anxiety fall off your shoulders. While you’re at it, look for attractive storage solutions and develop a routine that helps you keep the clutter at bay.

6. Talk to people

As social beings, we thrive on human interaction. Isolating yourself can lead to severe mental health consequences, so be sure to prioritize your most important relationships. Carve out time to get lunch or coffee with your friends, and stay in touch with your loved ones, even if it’s through video chat.

7. Help others

No matter where you live, some charities are likely looking for volunteers. Whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis, consider signing up to volunteer at your local soup kitchen, thrift shop, or homeless shelter. Giving your time and energy to help others in your community provides the opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and can add purpose and meaning to your life.

8. Pick up a paintbrush         

Art therapy comes with well-documented mental and emotional health benefits. If you’re dealing with excessive stress or anxiety, consider picking up drawing or painting as a hobby. Learning a new instrument will also do the trick if you are musically inclined!

If you want to optimize your keto lifestyle, now is the time to start practicing self-care. Consider the unique ideas above for boosting your mental health, and keep looking for other ways to prioritize your overall health and well-being. In no time, you’ll be less stressed, happier, and more productive.

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