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  • Low Carb Chocolate Custard

    Low Carb Chocolate Custard

    This is low carb but not keto because I used table sugar in the recipe. While I’ve used some of the natural and artificial sugar substitutes I’ve always found them lacking. I thought allulose powder was the closest in taste and texture to real sugar but it is expensive and still not thoroughly studied to…

  • Keto Chocolate Almond Torte

    Keto Chocolate Almond Torte

    Update: Hat tip to Kate. She noticed I had an entire stick of butter for the ingredients when this only requires at most 2 tablespoons. Thank you! This is based off a recipe from Milk Street for a Caprese Chocolate and Almond Torte. It seemed easy enough to convert to a keto friendly version so…

  • Avocado Mint Chocolate Custard

    Avocado Mint Chocolate Custard

    The avocado adds a certain creaminess to this custard and its mild flavor goes well with the chocolate and mint. I used Allulose as the sweetener here and I found it far superior in taste to any other non-sugar sweetener. There is absolutely no artificial sweetener aftertaste when using Allulose. Allulose is less sweet than…