Things you need to know about keto test strips

Are you or are you not in ketosis? The most accurate way to know is to use keto test strips. I know a lot of people on Instagram have used these strips to know if they’re in or out of ketosis. I’ve never used them before but I’m seriously considering giving it a try. Here’s some good information.

There are two ways you can measuring ketones using strips: through urine or blood. Both are fairly simple to use. The urine tests are similar to pregnancy tests except they measure acetoacetate, a specific type of ketone, says Ashley Cuellar Gilmore, M.D., gastroenterologist and program director for IU Health Medical Weight Loss.
Typically, you’ll dunk the strip into a cup of urine for a set amount of time. Strips are made with a type of paper that reacts to ketones by turning a different color, Women’s Health reported. You’ll then match the color on your stick to an accompanying color chart that offers an estimate of your level of ketosis. Usually, the darker the color the deeper you are into ketosis.
Cuellar Gilmore explained to Women’s Health that urine levels are generally indicative of the levels found in blood. Blood ketones should measure 0.5 mM/dL at a minimum, but numbers between 1.5 to 3.0 mM/dL, are optimal, she said.
Blood keto strips are similar to urine except they require pricking your finger for a blood sample.

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