Cancer researcher has been on the keto diet for 6 years and is living to tell you about it. Go figure.

This surely doesn’t mean you won’t get cancer. It just means that someone from the cancer side of the medical community has been eating this way for over half a decade and is recommending it to everyone he knows. I wish the people who write headlines wouldn’t be so click-baity.

Harper and Drewery have written a new how-to book about going keto, called ” Biodiet,” which was released in May. In it, the couple suggest that our modern diets are formulated around too much sugar and too few veggies.
Harper refers to carb-heavy diets as a modern “axis of illness,” a reference to the term “axis of evil” that President George W. Bush used to describe Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. When it comes to our health, Harper insists, the “three common enemies” we’re at war with are obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation.

Business Insider


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