One Meal A Day and Intermittent Fasting

There is a lot of baloney in this article. To start, in my opinion, having lived this way for decades, the so-called One Meal A Day (“OMAD”) diet is the same thing as Intermittent Fasting (“IF”) (I don’t even like the term Intermittent Fasting). What this amounts to is that you’re not eating most of the time. You’re limiting it. In this case to one meal per day.

The article calls OMAD an “extreme” form of IF and asks the stupid question of why do this when you could just eat all day. Why? Because if you eat all day you’ll get huge! Unless you’re some kind of pro athlete.

OMAD stands for “one meal a day,” and it’s an extreme version of intermittent fasting that involves eating for one hour and not eating for the other 23 each day. Followers of the diet say that you can eat whatever you want during your daily meal, and while you fast you can only have calorie-free beverages.
Why would anyone do this when you could just eat all day long? People claim the OMAD diet speeds up weight loss, and is extremely convenient — especially in the summertime when you’re traveling a lot. But, like many internet-famous diet trends, this should come with a massive disclaimer that it’s not for everyone, and probably will do more harm than good.

The article is fairly ignorant and perpetuates the myth of needing to eat all the time.


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