Keto Friendly Foods that are Friendly to Your Gut

I’m not much into the “gut health” thing. It always seemed to me that part of your body mostly takes care of itself if you’re eating a varied diet. So, perhaps this makes some sense then if you’re living a strict keto lifestyle and not introducing other things from time to time. I guess man can not live on bacon alone!

The ketogenic diet is a fat-focused, significantly carb-restricted diet—and while this can be a good way to lose weight by shifting your body to use fat as an energy source rather than glucose, many people believe that higher fat diets reduce microbial diversity in the gut. But the research actually isn’t clear-cut on this. A recent study showed that in patients with multiple sclerosis, concentrations and diversity of certain populations of bacteria were reduced. When these patients were then placed on a ketogenic diet, the bacterial concentrations were further reduced (generally, not a good thing). However, the patients started to recover after three months on a keto diet, and after six months, the concentrations of the microbes normalized, meaning, in some instances, keto could actually be a tool to help rebalance the gut.

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