Dr. Garth Davis promotes plant based diet over low-carb

Dr. Davis used to promote a low-carb keto diet. He even wrote a book about it. But something changed his tune and now he’s giving different advice and promoting a largely plant based diet.

If a plant based diet works for you than more power too you. I think most of the problems on the keto diet is the same thing that happens on any diet; Not enough variety. As animals, I don’t think we’re meant to have a homogeneous diet. We’re meant to eat nearly everything. That’s one of the traits that makes us top of the food chain! Besides, keep in mind, that keto can be a mostly plant based diet too.

Dr. Davis was one of many plant-based medical experts, who spoke about the benefits of plant-based diets, and the possible negative effects of eating low carb. During his speech, Dr. Davis begged the committee to ‘put him out of business’, saying he is ‘tired of cutting people open for obesity and re-arranging their intestines’.

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