High fat diets prevent the brain from signaling satiety?

Contrary to recent studies that say that a high fat diet helps your brain to signal that you are full a new study is saying the opposite. What to believe… what to believe. I go with how I feel. I’ve been at the intermittent fasting and keto friendly diet game for long enough to just go with what my body is telling me. I can tell when I’ve gone off the rails for too long and I can tell when it’s okay to have a real pizza. Next week I’m sure there be another study refuting this one.

A high-fat diet has been linked with turning off the signal in the brain that indicates when you are full.

The study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests a previously unknown gut-brain connection that helps explain how extra servings lead to weight gain.

Corresponding author Dr Makoto Fukuda, assistant professor of paediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, said: “We have uncovered a new piece of the complex puzzle of how the body manages energy balance and affects weight.”


Here is a link to the study:



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