Health Reporter tries to debunk the Ketogenic Diet

This health reporter is basically regurgitating what was written on the Harvard Health Publishing web site. The points brought up are the same points that are always brought up but the recent science that debunks the negatives of a Keto Diet are never explored, either in the article or in the Harvard posting.

The keto diet emphasizes protein and fat but doesn’t distinguish between lean protein food (like fish, lentils, eggs and nuts) and food that’s high in saturated fat or overly processed (bacon, sausage, beef, pork). Honestly, it’s easy and convenient to order a burger from your favourite take-out, minus the bun, and think you’re nailing the keto credo. And yet, a diet too high in animal protein, in study after study, has been associated with cardiovascular disease and some cancers. The keto diet can also lead to nutrient deficiency (say bye-bye to all the goodies from fruit, veg and grains like selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins B and C), liver problems (it’s hard work to metabolize all that fat) and kidney problems (the kidneys help metabolize protein, and the diet throws them into overdrive).


Here is a link to the Harvard Health Publishing post:


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