The Plant and Animal War is real.

There is a war going on between Plant People and Animal People and whoever wins is going to decide what we eat. Right now it’s a war of words and I hope it doesn’t go beyond that.

Plant People are claiming the Animal People are killing the planet we all live on while Animal People are claiming the Plant People are killing us by feeding us poison. There are statistics to back up both sides and who knows who is telling the truth.

I think both sides are wrong and the biggest threat to both sides is waste. Western Civilization wastes more food, both plant and animal based, than any other civilization in the history of the world. Furthermore, politics funnels money to both sides of the argument thereby wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere.

I’m not listening to either side. I don’t believe either one is trying to kill the planet or kill people. Everyone just needs to sit down, shut up, and eat the food you like and don’t waste it.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization published a study in 2006 stating livestock produced 18% of the world’s GHG’s.8 The World Watch Organization then posted a study in 2009 stating that livestock encompasses 51% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).5

This led to the conclusion that the environmental impact of eating meat was the largest contributor to climate change. These facts were wildly misconstrued and later corrected by the paper’s senior author. However, the idea was already planted and has since been perpetuated.

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A United Nations report released just last week suggests the world’s beef-heavy consumption patterns are taking a serious toll on the health of our planet: food systems are now responsible for 37% of greenhouse gas emissions, and cow manure is a major part of that equation, as it releases large amounts of climate-changing nitrous oxide and methane into the air.

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