Is being Vegan good or bad for your baby’s brain?

Common sense should tell you that if you’re eating a varied diet, be it vegan, omnivore, or carnivore, there should be no problem with the development of your babies brain while in the womb. But there is always someone scaring the public into thinking that they are stupifying their children.

Advocates of plant-based eating are in an uproar this week after a respected UK nutritionist claimed veganism could be depriving babies and children of a critical “brain-building” nutrient.
Emma Derbyshire, a nutrition consultant and author of a book on maternal nutrition, said the UK may face a “potential choline crisis” in an article published August 30 in the journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.
Derbyshire argues that many adults don’t get enough choline, an essential nutrient, in their diets, a problem exacerbated by the popularity of plant-based or vegan diets that eliminate good sources of choline like meat and eggs. She warned that a lack of choline during pregnancy could put infants’ cognitive development at risk.



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