How to calculate your macros

Admittedly this is something I don’t do. I know if I had to do something like count calories or calculate macros that I would never follow though. That’s why what I post is keto friendly but definitely not keto strict.

Men’s Health gives a good place to start if you want to go down that path.

You’ve probably heard that you can eat all the meat and fat you want on the ketogenic diet–and lose weight. That sounds pretty great to steak aficionados, but it’s not entirely true.

The main tenets of the popular diet is to eat plenty of fat, limit carbs, and consume protein in moderation–an element that is lost on many people, says Liz Weinandy, R.D. at Ohio State University Wexler Medical Center.

“When people start keto, they eat a lot more protein than what’s allowed on a keto diet,” she says. “Most of them [dieters] are following Atkins.”

The plan is centered around maintaining ketosis, or fat burning mode. Typically, our bodies run on carbohydrates, the brain’s preferred fuel source. Severely limiting carbs forces your liver to create ketones from fat, which becomes your body’s primary source of energy.

Men’s Health


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