Don’t get your information from

I saw the headline and I knew it would be about the ketogenic diet. So I clicked to confirm and I was right. What I didn’t expect was the massive amount of inaccurate information in such a small crappy article.

Like most other diets, keto’s best advertisers are the people painfully dragging themselves through its rigorous limits: No carbs, no sugars, no alcohol, no joy, etc. Keto followers are supposed to obtain 75 percent of their calories through fats, like meat (and bacon!!!).

The parts I emphasized above and below are simply not true.

Keto is supposed to “work” by putting the body into a state of “ketosis,” a sort of shock-state where the body starts breaking down stored fats to gain energy.

Emphasis mine

Ketosis is not a “shock-state” for your body. This is such crap misinformation.

I’m playing into their game by quoting the article and linking to it. I only link to it because I’m taking quotes. Don’t bother clicking on the links it will only help them sell their bullshit.


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