Going keto at fast food restaurants

Men’s Health Magazine has an article on “keto hacks” while eating out at fast food or fast casual restaurants. I’m really against using the word “hacks” for this stuff but I guess it’s what people click on these days.

Like eating at any other restaurant it’s all about your choices. Some of the suggestions here are a little goofy. If I’m going low carb I’d most likely stay away from Taco Bell. If I’m getting Taco Bell I’m going to enjoy all it’s carby goodness! Then get back to business the next day.

As the ketogenic diet continues to bask in its popular glory, some restaurants (Chipotle, cough cough) are jumping on the bandwagon to appease their consumer bases.

But what’s a person in ketosis to do if a restaurant doesn’t have a keto-approved menu item?

Men’s Health


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