Intermittent Fasting and heart health

I’ve been doing what is now called intermittent fasting for a couple decades. Never once did I feel like gorging myself. Your stomach can only fit so much food into it. Skipping one or two meals doesn’t make you more hungry. And if you stay away from sugar and other carbs you will feel full for much longer than if you consumed excess carbohydrates.

Think about eating a big steak or a few pieces of chicken versus a couple scoops of ice cream. You can eat the ice cream and still have room for plenty more. But, not so much after eating a big steak or a few pieces of chicken.

Andrew Freeman, a cardiologist at National Jewish Health, said you can defeat the purpose of intermittent fasting if you’re not careful.

“For the people that are willing and have the willpower that can do intermittent fasting. I’m all for it. But it’s important also that when you do intermittent fasting to not gorge yourself in those four hours or eight hours or six hours, whatever it may be, so really plan your meals appropriately. So that when it is time to eat you’re eating well,” Freeman said.


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