Is milk keto friendly?

That depends on how you define milk. If it’s standard regular old cow’s milk the answer is no. There are too many carbs in standard cow’s milk.

Plant based milks on the other hand are not as bad. There are many out there that are low in carbs. But, these are not real milks and for many people are not a satisfying substitute. But, if you really need that low carb milk substitute for your low carb cereal in the morning take a look at this article for some decent options.

Keto-friendly milks need to be low in carbs. Luckily, there are several good options.

However, you should note that only the unsweetened versions of these milks are appropriate for keto.

Additionally, carb counts will vary significantly between different brands due to their varying ingredients and formulations. Be sure to carefully read the nutrition facts on the label to assess whether a milk is truly keto-friendly.


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