Ketogenic diet and hay fever

I’ve seen some things across the Internet about how people adhering to a low carb diet has helped with their hay fever. I don’t suffer from seasonal allergies myself so I mentioned it to my wife who takes regular medication to combat the symptoms. She decided to stop taking the medication since she is in the middle of adapting to the ketogenic diet and has been in ketosis for over a month. Low and behold, she appears to be symptom free and it’s not because pollen levels are low. They’ve been high for several weeks now.

This is only anecdotal and is not definite proof of anything. But for years she has suffered from seasonal allergies and this is the first time in a long time that she hasn’t had any symptoms.

Here is a link to a story on from someone else with a similar experience.

Anyway, I have been in low carb for about 6 years and for some reason I decided to try ketogenic diet in May this year. Same time my first allergy session was starting (birch) and I just started medication for that. Then something happened, as soon as the Ketostick started to turn red, all my eye itching and sneezing stopped totally. So I drop the meds and still ok.


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