Shape Magazine covers the Chaffle

This pic is not a chaffle

I was never a big waffle fan. I was never a big pancake fan either. Breakfast always seemed like a waste of time to me. But, for people who love it you need that low carb alternative to help break the sugar/carbohydrate addiction. So, enter the Chaffle. It’s a Frankenstein of a creation made primarily from mozzarella cheese and eggs. I think you’d be better off just eating the eggs and maybe some bacon but if you need a Chaffle to get by more power to you!

Enter the cheese waffle aka “chaffle,” a keto-friendly waffle alternative made with eggs and cheese. They’re a satisfying alternative and they’re simple to make, which, LBH, isn’t true of all keto recipe swaps.

For real, you won’t need a stockpile of specialty keto ingredients to make chaffles. At its most basic, a chaffle is simply a combination of eggs and mozzarella cheese.


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