A guy shares his thoughts on 7 years of intermittent fasting

I’m not a body builder or a fitness guru. I’m just a regular guy. I’ve been intermittent fasting for decades. I fell into it just by chance. You can learn more about that on my about page. My experience is not like his. I never experienced intense hunger because when I changed my eating habits I did it to match up with my hunger.

I found that simply following my levels of hunger I was able to eliminate most meals. I’ve been eating one full meal a day with a small snack later in the evening for a long long time now. I don’t think it’s anything special and if I can do this so can you. In fact, now even when I eat I’m not hungry before I eat. I can go for at least 3 days without feeling hunger.

“While you might feel intense hunger in the beginning, that’s only because you’re snapping your body’s biological rhythm,” he says. “Adrenaline is released when you would usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. So it takes around two or three weeks for your body to adjust to the new eating window, and then you tend to get hungry when you’re about to hit that window.”

Men’s Health


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