An eggcelent primer on eggs

Yes, I know, the headline laid an egg… okay, I’ll stop now.

Go check out this article on eggs. It contains everything you need to know. Where they come from, the history of egg consumption, their composition, how they can affect your diet and health, and way way more. Lot’s of great information.

What is an Egg?

To put it scientifically, an egg is a vessel, principally laid by female animals, containing a zygote where an embryo eventually forms. The most common eggs we consume are from chickens, and they’re unfertilized most of the time – you can’t hatch the carton you get from the store.

The market size for chicken eggs in the U.S. alone numbers tens of billions of eggs a year. In 2019, Americans consumed 287.1 eggs per capita!

Not everyone can or wants to consume just chicken eggs, however, despite their unwavering popularity. Honestly, I don’t mind broadening my food horizons and trying something out of the ordinary. In this case, other animals lay eggs we can use as food.

Beyond chickens, other commonly eaten eggs include eggs from other birds such as ducks, quails, geese, and ostriches.


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