Everything you need to know on Keto Breath and what you can do about it.

Keto Breath is something I’ve never experienced (at least no one has told me that I offend). But I know many people do have problems with it especially when starting down the path of low carb and and the ketogenic diet. There is a product called Smart Mouth that may be able to help (not a sponsored post).

Elevated ketones — specifically, acetone — is the reason people following a ketogenic diet often experience bad breath. Acetone exits the body in two ways, urine and breath, and when the body achieves ketosis, it’s common to notice a change to the breath that’s different than ordinary bad breath. It may have a metallic taste as well as a fruity or otherwise strong, unpleasant odor; some describe it as being similar to nail polish remover, which makes sense given that acetone is one of the main ingredients in it.

Keto breath affects about 30 percent of people on the ketogenic diet according to one study, and is often noticed within a few days or maybe a week of starting your keto journey. While bad breath is never exactly welcome, there’s good news: Keto breath indicates you’ve entered ketosis — although, since not everyone experiences it, don’t rely on that as your only indication.


I just recently learned about Smart Mouth and plan on giving it a try. When I do I’ll let you know what I think!

Everything You Need to Know About the Effects of the Keto Diet on Your BreathEverything You Need to Know About the Effects of the Keto Diet on Your Breath


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