Eating eggs for weight loss

The one thing consistent about eggs is the nutrition industry likes to bat them around like a shuttlecock. Eggs is a perfect food. It has almost everything you need in a tiny package. I think it’s virtually impossible to over eat eggs as well. Think about how full you would feel eating a dozen eggs? Pretty damn full. And they’re dirt cheap!

Here are some great nutrition facts on eggs:

One egg has about 60 calories, six grams of protein, and four grams of fat, making it a pretty low-cal source of protein. Here’s the full nutritional breakdown:

Calories: 60
 6 g
 4 g
 165 mg
 0 g

Eggs are also packed with nutrients. “An egg is a good source of several B vitamins, and provides meaningful levels of immune-supporting nutrients, like zinc and selenium,” says Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, a nutrition and wellness expert based in New York City. “Plus, an egg is packed with choline, an important nutrient for brain development and health, and is one of the few food sources of vitamin D.”

Eggs provide a significant amount of essential nutrients and no wasted calories, Angelone says, making them a good choice for achieving your weight-loss goals.

Women’s Health Magazine

And for weight loss?

For one, when 152 overweight or obese people ate either two eggs in the morning or a bagel for eight weeks, the egg eaters had a 61 percent larger reduction in their BMI, a 65 percent greater amount of weight loss, a 34 percent larger reduction in their waist circumference, and a 16 percent greater reduction in their body fat by the end of the study, per research in the International Journal of Obesity.

Women’s Health Magazine
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