Study: Time restricted eating is an effective intervention for metabolic syndrome

Reducing visceral fat is extremely important. That’s the fat you can’t see. It’s the fat that builds up in your organs and will kill you over time. There is something called “skinny-fat” which describes someone who looks fit or healthy from the outside but has fat surrounding their internal organs.

There are so many acronyms in these things. Below is a key.

  • FBG – Fasting Blood Glucose
  • HDL-c – High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol
  • LCD – Low-Carbohydrate Diet
  • MetS – Metabolic Syndrome
  • SFA – Subcutaneous Fat Area
  • TG – High Triglyceride
  • TRE – Time Restricted Eating
  • UA – Uric Acid
  • VFA – Visceral Fat Area

In conclusion, compared with baseline, all three treatments after a 3-month intervention reduce body weight and SFA, as well as some cardiometabolic outcomes, including fasting insulin, C-peptide, and insulin sensitivity index, but only TRE, with and without LCD, significantly reduces abdominal visceral fat, FBG, UA, TG, and TG/HDL-c ratio. More importantly, compared with changes of LCD, TRE and combination treatment further decrease body weight and VFA. Taken together, without changing physical activity, TRE with and without LCD significantly improves glycemic control, atherogenic dyslipidemia, and UA, thus largely improves metabolic disease risk, with TRE being superior over LCD with respect to reducing body weight and abdominal visceral obesity. Therefore, we anticipate that an 8-h TRE without and with LCD can serve as an effective intervention for MetS.

Time-restricted eating with or without low-carbohydrate diet reduces visceral fat and improves metabolic syndrome – Cell Reports Medicine


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