The best butter is room temperature butter… and it’s safe too

I’ve always loved soft spreadable butter. I expect most other people do too. Otherwise the food industry wouldn’t have developed butter substitutes that are spreadable. The problem with those butter substitutes is they’re filled with seed oils and are hydrogenated. These are bad for the human body while butter is as natural as can be and pretty good for you if you’re not eating it like cheese.

What I do is keep a single stick of butter in a French style butter dish that keeps it fresh and sealed off from air in the room. This is accomplished by putting the butter in the lid, putting some water in the base, and sealing the butter against the water.

Since oil and fat don’t mix you never have to worry about watery butter. It sits there on your counter for as long as you need it, spreadable and waiting.

The Wall Street Journal had an article about a woman who started a company dedicated to keeping butter out of the fridge. She developed a butter dish with a hinged lid which allows easy access to room temperature butter without having messy lids associated with traditional butter dishes. She’s become such and advocate for room temperature butter she sent samples to a lab for testing.

In 2015, Ms. Mertzel sent samples of four brands of butter to a lab for testing. The finding: No sign of spoilage after three weeks of storage at 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. She commissioned a similar analysis this year and found no spoilage after 30 days.

The Battle Over Refrigerating Butter: ‘Enough Is Enough’ – WSJ

After reading that article I went searching for new butter dishes and found the Butter Bell. These butter dishes have classic retro and modern designs in some great colors.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I have no relationship with any of these companies. But this is the butter dish I’m going to put on order today. It’s what I’ve been looking for.


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