Book Review: Outlive, The Science & Art of Longevity

I’m just a regular person. Keep this in mind when reading this review. I didn’t think there was much new information in Dr. Attia’s book. He covers the subject of longevity in three parts. The first is about modern medicine, the second is largely about diet, and the third is about exercise. Sprinkled into the exercise section are topics such as sleep and mental health.

If you’ve never touched a book on the subject of health this is a good book that covers all the bases. But, if you’ve read a significant number of books on any of these subjects there isn’t much here that you wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. There are no big revelations. I also didn’t learn much about living longer.

I bought this book because it was about longevity. But really, I think, it’s more about living better for the years you have. There’s nothing wrong with that. I was looking for clues as to how people could actually live longer. There is nothing in this book that can tell you that. It can give you strategies on living better throughout the length of your life, however.

I’ve read a bunch of books now on diet, exercise, and aging. I read them because I’m getting older and I want to avoid falling apart (like my mom) and losing my mind (like my dad). My mother is 82 and my father is 89. My mother recently broke her hip and is recovering and my father has dementia. I’d like to avoid both of these if I can.

A good overview on diet, exercise, and health. But doesn’t cover much new ground.


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