Dr. Andrew Weil is soundly against the Keto diet

I don’t take much stock into people that denounce one diet or another. In my opinion, not all diets are good for all people. That’s the main reason most people will yo-yo up and down with their weight. The truth is that you have to listen to what your body is telling you and follow. Not even your doctor knows everything. We’re all human and we have to experiment to see what works best for us.

Doctor of integrative medicine and bestselling author Andrew Weil says the Keto diet is a trend that could be dangerous.
“I think it’s a fad, I don’t think it will last and I don’t think it’s a healthy way to eat for a length of time,” Dr. Weil tells PEOPLE at an event for True Food Kitchen, a restaurant chain he co-founded that bases its menu on his anti-inflammatory diet.


I know he’s not correct at least where I’m concerned. I’ve been living this way for more than 2 decades.



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