Keto Diet Invading NYC Restaurants

This is good news for those who like to dine out. Although, in NYC, dining out is not a cost effective choice. I prefer to buy groceries and make my meals when I’m there.

Now, followers of the high-fat, low-carb keto regimen can dine on entrees that contain fewer than 5 grams of carbs, as well as sugar-free cocktails and desserts, at Ipic theaters, including the downtown Fulton Street location.
It’s welcome news to NYC’s keto dieters, including acolyte Ken Spencer, 27, a former fitness model who has been on and off keto for the past five years.
“When you’re trying to live a certain lifestyle, you have to make a decision [of], do I stay on the diet or do I make a sacrifice?” the Upper East Sider tells The Post.

New York Post


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