Nutrition Diva Podcast addresses the latest news on eggs and heart disease

You can’t eat eggs. You can eat eggs. You can’t eat eggs. What do we do?!?

The Nutrition Diva Podcast tells you the facts behind the latest news.

All of this evidence ultimately led the USDA to take cholesterol off the list of nutrients of concern. This decision was not an impulsive one. In fact, many in the health and nutrition community felt that it took the USDA 10 or 20 years longer than it should have to let eggs and cholesterol off the hook.
When this latest study hit the newswire, dozens of concerned Nutrition Diva listeners reached out to me for comment. And I totally sympathize with those of you who feel jerked around. First eggs are bad. Then they’re fine. Now they’re bad again. So let me try to put this latest headline in perspective.

Scientific American


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