Are MCT and BHB supplements necessary?

I’ve never tried any supplements of any kind because I’ve always found them unnecessary… for me. I can understand why some people might want to or might need to take supplements to get the results they want. It’s just never been something I’ve needed to explore.

Part of the reason I don’t need them is I find because I’ve been living this way for so long that I can get back into ketosis within a day even after I’ve consumed a lot of carbs over the course of a few days. My normal way of eating is what’s considered Intermittent Fasting so I believe once the glucose in my system has been used up my body goes straight back into ketosis and I can start buring any fat that may have accumulated.

There is still some good information here if you’re considering supplements.

The keto diet, which restricts carbohydrates and trains the body to burn fat as fuel instead, has gained attention for potential benefits like weight loss, increased focus and energy, and even as treatment to certain illnesses.
And while the diet remains controversial among health professionals, marketers are eagerly stepping up to cash in on the interest with supplements billed to fill gaps in the diet and help dieters “get into ketosis,” or when the body is forced to switch its energy source from carbs to fat.
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INSIDER talked to a nutritionist and a keto follower to learn which products may be helpful for some people, which are simply expensive and unnecessary, and which may actually set people back in their goals.


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