Intermittent Fasting and weight loss

Whether you follow the calories in calories out (CICO), low carb high fat, or low fat high carb method of dieting it should be easy to see why the act of intermittent fasting will contribute to weight loss. If you’re not eating then you’re not adding things to your body that contribute to weight gain.

This is not at all counter intuitive. The longer you don’t eat the better the possibility that you’ll lose weight. Duh.

For answers, I’m looking at published research and talking to Dr. Krista Varady who researches intermittent fasting at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

“Is there a link between intermittent fasting and weight loss?” I asked her.

“Yes, there is a link between intermittent fasting and weight loss,” Varady said.

So, it works. But how well does it work?

Varady co-authored this paper in the Journal of American Medicine/Internal Medicine. It looked at the weight loss associated with alternate-day fasting. Over a year, participants experienced a 6% weight loss.


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